Monday, May 31, 2010

Jawbone Canyon

This weekend Richie and all of his Jawbone peeps went down to Jawbone Canyon for some off-roading. I had decided to stay back since We would leave Friday afternoon and I would have to return Saturday evening, and I didn't feel like taking the 2 and 1/2 - 3 hour drive just for 24 hours...
Well... Friday night after Richie arrived in Jawbone and everyone else too, I receive a phone call from him at TEN THIRTY PM!!!!
Richie: "Hey!!! Get in the car and drive down! Everyones here, all the ladies and dogs too!!!"
Liz: "huh??? its 10:30pm!!! I just took my benedryl too... I'm falling asleep... I don't wanna drive out there just to drive back..."
Richie: "Just load up the dogs and drive out here!"
Liz: (*scratching her head* wondering if he heard me just a second ago) "huh???"
Richie: "C'mon, we would drive 2 hours to your moms in the middle of the night, why not drive here"
Liz: (*thinking*, did it take 2 hours to get to my moms??? no I think it took an hour and a half/ does it take 2 hours to get to jawbone or does it take 2 1/2 -3 hours?) "Oh geeze... okay ill be there in a few..."
"hhhhhhhhhhhh" that was me sighing...

So I drove down to Jawbone Canyon! Maggie, Elton, Richie and I had a wonderful time off roading. Unfortunately we didn't take any pics cus we never pul out our phones in the dirt. (no reception in the camp spot, only on the main road). Maggie had a good time for her first trip! I layed a blanket on the floor boards of the Rhino, and she loved laying down there, Elton as usual had to sit on my lap with his face tucked into my armpit to block the wind from his face! He's sooooo cute!!!

I had tears in my eyes to see that my father-in-law's pic is still up in the store with everyones well wishes on it! It's been 3 years since he passed and I didn't know if it would still be up, so that was nice to see.

Here's a link to the Jawbone Canyon Store if you wanna see what Jawbone is all about:

I love this place! Its like a home away form home, just because when your there, everyone else there, even if you don't know them, seems to be like family. You see someone having troubles with their bike on a trail you put their bike in the back of the Rhino and you drive them back to their camp. You run out of gas and some stranger stops to give you some from his can. You have a spill on some hill and someone in the nearest camp runs up to help you get your bike up! I love-love-love the people there, not to mention the B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L scenery. Ahhh to die for!!!
Anyways, have a wonderful Memorial Day everybody!!! Thank you to all the men and women out there that have dedicated their lives to give me the freedom to drive down to Jawbone whenever I want!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Urologist said...

We have nothing to worry about!!! :)
He said according to these results, Richie has PLENTY of swimmers to get me PG! He also is having Richie re-test because Quest Diagnostics is NO BUENO!!! (not good for my non-mex speaking friends) He says they suck big time at SA's...

So here is Richies plan:
- Take male fertility vitamins
- New SA at male fertility clinic
- 2-4weeks later... another SA at male fertility clinic
- Go back to Urologist to plan the next step
- Eat healthier, though I don't think he will do due to his Taco Bell obsession :(

Here is my plan:
- Monday, May 31st, start my new diet & workout every morning
- Tuesday, June 1st, I will meet with my Dr ("...Dr. Longnecker is true OG..." - Richie McKinnon) to get a referral to whoever can start checking me out for fertility

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Urologist Appointment is tomorrow morning!!!

Ok girls! Richie has his Urologist appointment tomorrow morning at 8:30AM!!! I can't wait to go, because I've pretty much gotten positive feedback from everyone who has seen his SA report, including my Dr!!! So, please everybody say a few prayers our way!!! I'll keep y'all posted!

Monday, May 24, 2010

SA Results Breakdown

So here they are:
I posted the pics of the report cus I didn't want to sound more confusing than the report does. If anybody can shed some light on this, please let me know. If you need to see a better image of them, I think you can just click on the pic and it will bring it up on photobucket. Thanks for all your help.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


This is me screaming and letting off some needed screams... Cover your ears peeps.

Friday, May 21, 2010


So.... Yesterday DH had an SA done... The results:
-Blood in semen
-Low count
-The few sperm he had are all deformed...
-No chances of getting pregnant...
... The end