Thursday, July 15, 2010

29 Months & Counting...

I just realized, yesterday was our 29th month TTC... my how the time flies...

Friday, July 9, 2010

I Don't Know What to Name This Post...

Well... as far as TTC goes... I am still experiencing cramps. I am currently on CD13. I have not had a positive OPK, in fact they keep fluctuating, some days they are darker and some days they are lighter. This is not amusing. I really am very puzzled because I have never experienced this before in my life...

On the brighter side -
Yesterday I picked up the mail and received a few letters from my mortgage co. I hadn't paid this months mortgage yet, since we had overspent on the AMEX last month... (I don't recommend this to anyone)
Sooo I didn't know what to expect from these letters... Well...
-Letter 1) We applied all your overpayments for escrow taxes to your July payment. Your next payment due is August 1st
-Letter 2) We still had $11.00 left over so heres a check.
-Letter 3) Your property taxes went down so this means your mortgage payment did too!!! Your monthly mortgage is now..... drumroll...... $991.38!!! Wow!!! Thats cheaper than my Mother-In-Laws old Jaguar Payments!!! LOL
haha well those words aren't exactly what was on the letters but I thought I'd cut out the 50 paragraphs that explain what happened...

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More cramping...

So I still have cramping... Waaaay less than the last two days but still there. I don't know what it could possibly be.. but oh well I guess...

I have a trip planned to Hawaii at the very end of this month into August. I'm excited for it!!! I cant wait to be in a place where I can truly just "hang loose". I think I'll check out the real estate & job opps. there while I'm at it!!! Why not right? Richie and I would love to move to either Texas or Hawaii, and we have said that if we did, we would definitely have to wait till I finish Nursing school... Soooo I guess we can start checking it out right?!?! hehe! So exciting!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

Worst 4th of July ever!

Though I don't know why I expected anything good to happen. It never does, not with my family.

UFC - Uterus Fighting Championship that is...

I'm about to punch my baby makin parts right in the eyes!!! I'm cramping like AF is about to come, yet AF came last Sunday.... HEEEELLLLOOOOO??!?!?!?!?!?!
I'm thinking I wanna smash my ovaries into an oblivion. Make them wish they NEVER stepped foot into MY arena!!!
So I'm on CD 8 and the cramping is too late for AF and way too early for O.
Yes I did take and OPK and an HPT and both were a B F NNNNNNN!!!

Anyways, Happy 4th of July Everybody!!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cry me a river....

So last night, Fox News could have thought there was a mass murder in my bedroom last night from the way I was crying... I just had one of those nights where you, you know... "let it all out".

I cried at the kitchen sink, at the computer, in my bed, in my bathroom... Screaming, asking God to please hold me... I've been asking and begging Him to comfort me, but I feel like he hasn't returned the call. I know He is there, and listening, and I know he has a wonderful plan for me... But sometimes I need Him to put His plan aside and just take a minute to hug me or something... anything... I need Him.

Anyways, after that long night crying, it is 11:44am and my eyes are still swollen half way shut.

Sometimes I feel like this will never end...

I am so grateful for my TMP sisters, you gals are the only ones who understand... I could not have lasted this long TTC without you. *hugs*

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear Lord,

I am in need of a few miracles...

In Jesus' name... Amen