Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cry me a river....

So last night, Fox News could have thought there was a mass murder in my bedroom last night from the way I was crying... I just had one of those nights where you, you know... "let it all out".

I cried at the kitchen sink, at the computer, in my bed, in my bathroom... Screaming, asking God to please hold me... I've been asking and begging Him to comfort me, but I feel like he hasn't returned the call. I know He is there, and listening, and I know he has a wonderful plan for me... But sometimes I need Him to put His plan aside and just take a minute to hug me or something... anything... I need Him.

Anyways, after that long night crying, it is 11:44am and my eyes are still swollen half way shut.

Sometimes I feel like this will never end...

I am so grateful for my TMP sisters, you gals are the only ones who understand... I could not have lasted this long TTC without you. *hugs*

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear Lord,

I am in need of a few miracles...

In Jesus' name... Amen

Monday, June 21, 2010

Golly Ge Willickers Batman!!!

Ok, I definitely do NOT think I'm pregnant BUT man I better be or these boobies are getting punched in the face! My boobies have been hurting since Tuesday which I think I O'ed on Monday or Tuesday... so I guess its just pms or something... Gaaaahhhh I'm so taking you out boobies!!!

A New Hope

So after probably the best news I've heard all my life... My wonderful & dear friend Amy just got her BFP!!! After 2 years and 7 days & combating PCOS, Amy and Mike are finally pregnant! Here is a link to their blog if you wanna check it out, although I don't think they have written their announcement on the blog yet.
You might be wondering why I'm so inspired by this... Well to put it into simple terms, in order to get pregnant, you must ovulate... lol... Amy "never" ovulated... or so the Dr's thought hehe.
I now am reminded that, in Christ, nothing is impossible. He is always with us!

I now have this overwhelming feeling that God is with me, and He has the most amazing plan I could never imagine. I love Jesus!!!