Friday, July 9, 2010

I Don't Know What to Name This Post...

Well... as far as TTC goes... I am still experiencing cramps. I am currently on CD13. I have not had a positive OPK, in fact they keep fluctuating, some days they are darker and some days they are lighter. This is not amusing. I really am very puzzled because I have never experienced this before in my life...

On the brighter side -
Yesterday I picked up the mail and received a few letters from my mortgage co. I hadn't paid this months mortgage yet, since we had overspent on the AMEX last month... (I don't recommend this to anyone)
Sooo I didn't know what to expect from these letters... Well...
-Letter 1) We applied all your overpayments for escrow taxes to your July payment. Your next payment due is August 1st
-Letter 2) We still had $11.00 left over so heres a check.
-Letter 3) Your property taxes went down so this means your mortgage payment did too!!! Your monthly mortgage is now..... drumroll...... $991.38!!! Wow!!! Thats cheaper than my Mother-In-Laws old Jaguar Payments!!! LOL
haha well those words aren't exactly what was on the letters but I thought I'd cut out the 50 paragraphs that explain what happened...

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


  1. Take the wins when you can get them girl! YES!! And, we live in a 2 bedroom condo that we RENT (an apartment type thing) and your payments are not even a hundred more than ours - for a house! I think that is great! Go you guys! Do you live in the south? Just wondering because I have heard to cost of homes is a great deal down there and may think about a move :)
    As for you cramps - this happened to me onnce and I think from everything I read and talking to the doc - your body is trying to O and is gearing up and not releasing the egg - so it trys again and again - hence the pain and wonky O tests. That was just me though - I guess stress can bring this on. Not that you have had any of that in the past few months!! :)
    Praying for you guys!

  2. Awesome!! I bet that just made your day! Happy mail is great.. especially when you're expecting a bill! Hurray!

  3. Ours is a condo as well. I'm in southern California. We bought it at the highest point in the market for $370,000!!! And now they're on the market and selling for $200,000. :( ouch!!!

  4. So so awesome about the mortgage Liz!! I'm praying for you this cycle and always!

  5. Great letter! Lower monthly payments are always a great thing!